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You will be surprised to know that original Bonsai Pots are not available in India. Bonsai growers in India has no option but to use terracotta ,Cement or ceramic pots to grow their Bonsai. Hence to cater to this segment A.M. Mohammed Usman & Bro has imported Bonsai Pots made from Purple Clay. These pots on sale are specially chosen on their personal visits to Yixing. The firm has started a new division called the BONSAI WORLD catering to the Bonsai Clubs and growers in the country. In the very first month of commencement of BONSAI WORLD we were invited to participate in Bonsai Exhibitions in Trivandrum and Mysore. The Purple Clay Pots were a big hit at the exhibitions as it was the first time in India that the Bonsai Growers got an opportunity to buy original Purple Clay pots in various shapes, sizes and colours as in world over Bonsai is grown in Purple Clay Pots.

We import high quality Bonsai pots in various shapes and sizes made of purple Clay which is mined exclusively in Dingsu Town, Yixing city in China.

Purple clay is originally mined in large rocks which are allowed to weather outdoors for approximately a year. After extraction, the clay is dried and then Pounded into a powder. The powder is passed through a bamboo sieve to remove any stones or impurities. The powdered clay is then placed in a five-foot-deep rectangular tank pool filled with fresh water. Three days later it is removed to a similar pool and allowed to dry out in the sun. The clay is then cut into blocks which are placed in a vacuum processor to extract excessive moisture before being sold to potter artisans. The clay is called Zisha Sand, because it contains very fine sandy particles. It's all because of this special format of fine sandy particles that made Zisha Yixing bonsai pot so famous and fine.

Purple clay comes in three natural colors: red, yellow and purple and it is noted for its color, texture and natural porosity and most importantly, Purple. The Surface of the post is burnished before the pot is fired in a kiln. Unlike a glaz, this is a kind of glass that seals the pot, our burnished surface takes advantage of Purple clay's natural porosity thus allowing the Bonsai pot its unique surface. Purple Clay Bonsai pots are superior containers for delicate root systems. All of our Bonsai Pots are hand made by skilled potters.

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