WIP - Wooden Flooring

WIP - Wooden Flooring

  • Authentic exotic hardwood wear layer
  • High performance 7 layer UV lacquer finish
  • Precision micro-bevelling for enhanced "plank" effect
  • Glueless installation with unique WIPKLIK system
  • High stability multilayer hardwood substrate
  • Boiling waterproof panel construction

Finely finished natural wood floors have always been appreciated for the touch of class it lends to absolutely any setting. However subjective issues like cost, maintenance, durability etc. made wood floors the preserve of a privileged few. Until now…

It has been WIP’s endeavour over the last two decades to engineer a product that combines the aura and warmth of natural timbers with the durability, stability and cost effectiveness of engineered wood panels.

Unique WIPKLICK Lock-in System: Manufactured using the finest purpose built machines in the world, WIPKLIK is a marvel in precision engineering. The unique WIPKLIK system does away entirely with the use of glues during the installation, thereby eliminating the inconveniences associated with glues (odours, emissions etc.) The hi-precision profiling acts to “pull” the floor together lending a touch of class to the overall ambience. WIP ULTRAKLIK comes with a multi-layer hardwood construction that ensures stability and strength.

The Construction: An optimized exotic hardwood wear layer of 1.2mm thickness is use to enhance the dimensional stability of the floor while providing a hardwearing surface. Additionally, a precision micro-bevelling is provided on all four edges of the flooring panel to lend a sophisticated “structured” look to the installed floor.

The Finish: WIPKLIK wood floors are finished using a higher performance UV cured floor coating system (HPC) sourced from a respected European manufacturer of speciality coatings. A high tech UV lacquering line sourced from Italy is used to apply the 7 layers of UV lacquer that go to make up the HPC (High Performance Floor Coating) System.

Dimension: 1200mm x 200 mm x 11mm

Species Available in : Teak, Paduak, Rosewood, Beech, Sapelli, Indian Mahogany, Khaya, Oriental Cherry

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